How Sadhana Gopal came to work at Independer in IT
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How Sadhana Gopal came to work at Independer in IT

‘I first set foot in the Netherlands on the 20th of March 2014. I was called for an interview from Independer on the 21st, as I stood between a mountain of unpacked boxes trying to find my bearings in a brand new country. I had contacted a consultant from India weeks before, and had forgotten all about him. As a .net professional with over 7 years of experience in the IT industry, I was at a cross roads. I had been moving more and more away from technology into people management and was keen to get back into a more technical role and bring myself up to speed on the latest flavors of everything the .net world had to offer. Combine this with the pressure of moving across continents to a totally unfamiliar territory, needless to say I was very anxious.sadhana

I arrived at Independer, housed in a charming old school building (unlike any of the glass and concrete offices I have worked in so far) and was met with by Stacy and Ohad, team lead and senior developer. What followed, to my pleasant surprise, was an interview to the truest extent of the word, where they were as keen to share with me their vision and passion for the company and technology as they were to understand my aspirations and expectations. I left with a pleasant feeling, really, really, hoping I would get in. Luckily, without too much fuss and after a round of discussion with Roel, the IT manager, I was in.

My first day at Independer. I was nervous, apprehensive. How would my colleagues be? What are the technologies I would work on? Will I like my job? Will they like me? I was assigned to work with the autoverzekeringen-team (A-team). I was greeted on the first day with a desk decorated with streamers and balloons and candy…and a big Indian flag. My team was full of warm, helpful people who didn’t mind the countless interruptions in their schedule as they helped me get settled and started. And as I started working with the large code base, they were (and still are) more than patient, guiding me through the various technical and architectural intricacies. The team brought me up to speed, not only on Agile and Scrum (which people are evangelical about, by the way), but also on Dutch and local culture, my woefully inadequate football knowledge and B.A.Barracus (Yes! I had never heard of him before!).

I am still settling in at Independer, still learning. However, when I walk through the doors every morning, each day I see more familiar and less new faces. It is, finally, beginning to feel a lot like home….

It’s been a long time since I stopped writing at my blog. Call it laziness, loss of interest or a combination of both but I just stopped. And yet when Floor, my HR-recruiter, met me in the courtyard on a sunny afternoon, and asked me if I would like to write about Independer, I readily agreed. It has been just over 2 months since I arrived in the Netherlands and I have been working at Independer for almost a month and a half.’

Independer is hiring! We are currently looking for a Senior C# .NET Web Developer

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"duidelijk en overzichtelijk"

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"Snel eenvoudig en perfect"

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"Jullie doen alles voor mij. En de jaarchecker is top!"

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"I am satisfied with support and correspondence."

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"Perfect bedrijf"

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"Tot nu toe alles goed."

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"Het gaat vlot en gemakkelijk wel de nodigde gegevens op moeten zoeken "

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"Super makkelijk en snel. "

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"Het is snel geregeld en aanbevolen door vrienden ."

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"Nog geen ervaring dis wordt spannend straks met pech of ongeval."

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"Site is duidelijk en makkelijk."

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